1:1 Exclusive packages

How to work with me privately?

  • Both options are my sacred space, where I hold a lot of love, safety and care for my Women
  • Each option includes support Monday to Friday and are highly advisable if you want that deep, transformative shift on your Body, mind, soul and emotional level


VIP Exclusive for amazing & ambitious Business ladies

Who are either going through the breakup, or have recently broken up AND are yearning for a long-lasting relationship!

If your relationship has not lasted longer than 3 years and you are back being single, my Superwoman method is just for you!

This VIP exclusive package is for the ladies who are highly successful in their Biz and who want to let go of your past relationship & Step into your power to attract the right partner and amazing opportunities

My own journey has showed me that whenever I was very successful in my career, my relationships were bad. I was not appreciated and mostly attracted abusive or non-committed relationships. I always had to choose between the career or the relationships, and being myself very ambitious and career oriented woman, I could not pay this price.

Until I broke my patterns and decided that I can indeed have both and be super fulfilled!

We will be tackling into everything that is holding you back of meeting the right guy, including letting go of everything that you believed before about the relationships!

This is for you if:

  • You are on a verge of a new chapter in your life?
  • Looking to let go of everything unaligned and to start creating your life from a blank canvas?
  • Understanding who you are, and what are you capable of?
  • Inviting more business opportunities into your life or perhaps just more $$$?
  • And finally attracting the partner who values your strength, ambitious mind and uniqueness & is there for you no matter what?

This exclusive package includes:

  • 8 sessions over 2 months (Once a week)
  • Each session is held in Zoom and are recorded (1h - 1 h 30 minutes)
  • Support via voxer/messenger from Monday to Friday
  • Book a connection call below!

From almost break up to a thriving relationship!

Do you find yourself often

  • Losing yourself in the relationship?
  • Taking care of the partner, the apartment, the kids by yourself?
  • And maybe also running a business on a side?
  • Being the "responsible one" and not feeling supported by your partner?
  • Or are you in a verge of a break up but still hoping that you two would work it out?

This 1:1 Intensive is for you if you:

  • Are a Mom who wants to elevate the relationship to the one you dream about
  • Are a Coach or a Healer who wants to feel supported by her partner
  • Want to learn how to start receiving instead of always giving
  • Want to step into your Superpower shoes and turn this relationship around to the one you dream about
  • Learn how to communicate so that you are listened to
  • Want to redefine your identity on your Soul level and bring your uniqueness into everyday life

The package includes:

  • 9 sessions over the 3 months (3 sessions per month)
  • Meeting once a week over Zoom (1 - 1.5 hours each session)
  • All sessions are recorded
  • Voxer or messenger support inbetween (Monday to Friday)
  • Book a connection call below!

P.S Every session is channeled and unique. I combine all of my skills across mindset work, energy healing and emotional work followed by the actionable steps to create a profound shift and a lasting change. I pride in my mediumship skills which result in my ability to read people's souls, their potential and what is holding them back. I believe in you before you do and together we go on this journey of opening your HEART to MAGIC !