Soul session

Discover your soul gifts and uniqueness!


  • Tackle your biggest block, perform an energetic release, work on your mindset and create actionable steps towards your desire
  • Additional questions asked during the session will be addressed; such as abundance block, financial block, relationship block etc)
  • Session is recorded in Zoom and lasts up to 1.5 hours - 2 hours
  • €255/$300


P.S Every session is channeled and unique. I combine all of my skills across mindset work, energy healing and emotional work followed by the actionable steps to create a profound shift and a lasting change. I pride in my mediumship skills which result in my ability to read people's souls, their potential and what is holding them back. I believe in you before you do and together we go on this journey of opening your HEART to MAGIC !


Kamke, Elizabeth

Oksana is AMAZING! She truly has a gift and heart to change this world! I cannot believe that just in a 15-20 minute conversation she revealed to me something that has been haunting me for almost 8 years and I didn’t even Realize that it was ‘haunting’ me!! I am completely blown away and SO incredibly thankful and grateful for her and the amazing skills that she has! She allowed me to see how my mind linked a traumatic experience that happened 7.5 years ago to a belief about my husband! Word cannot express how deeply thankful and grateful I am to you Oksana for giving me back a piece of myself and also my marriage! The world could use a million more of you! Forever thankful and grateful for you Oksana! I am so excited to see where your gifts take you in this life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Truly!

Malex, Andy

Don’t look no further - she is one of a kind on this planet and I am happy I met her. I have seen miracles in my life and hardly could find anyone who can create them because usually these people are hard to get close to. Oksana with her superpowers not just change people’s lives - she boosts their potential and their inner worlds are integrated in our shared reality and the effect is changing the planet… and not in small steps… it leaves a massive footprint on a mankind itself as you can’t just imagine what kind of people’s potential she can discover. Helping lost souls find themselves… Helping born Gods in human bodies to finally acknowledge their true nature. If you still don’t believe me - then go away and regret. But if you ready for catastrophic mind and soul shift - then fasten your seatbelts.

Matern-Riihelä, Melanie

Due to her sensitive, authentic and professional approach, I feel absolutely comfortable with Oksana! Thanks to the special method of holistic coaching that Oksana practices, a lot of hidden things have come to light. It is simply fantastic and cannot be compared to any other sessions I had before! With all her experience, Oksana can delve deeply into the matter and find, work out and solve unconscious patterns, topics, behavior and causes. What we carry in the unconscious is made clear with clarity and ease! I can recommend it to everyone from the bottom of my heart and would like to thank Oksana once again! She is truly gifted!