Who is it for?

  1. Mothers who give a lot to the family and lose themselves between the chores and other responsibilities. Who experience anxiety and depression and need to redefine their purpose and self worth.
  2. Healers/coaches who take a huge responsibility for themselves, their families and their purpose work by healing/coaching others. They often experience burnout and need to have more balance and support in their lives.

What will we cover?

I: Finding your Superwoman suit
>> What is your soul gifts, purpose and your potential?
>> Amazing intuitive Soul reads!
II: Superwoman operates only from her power
>> Understanding and releasing the cycle of being an overgiver for good
III:Superwoman communicates so that the world listens
>> Communication from emotional intelligence and awareness
>> Tapping into triggers and breaking them
IV: Transmuting superpowers to others
>> We can change the environment and others by changing ourselves
>>Stopping the Powerstruggle
>> Controlling versus using your Superpowers
>> Building up authority
V: Superwoman is not going to save the world, she IS the world
>> Wearing your Superwoman suit with confidence daily
>> Knowing your values and living by them
>> Putting yourself first
VI: Hot seat style Q&A
>> Everyone will get a 15 minute individual attention to tackle into a specific situation/question of your choice




  • 6 weeks, 6 modules
  • An intimate and exclusive private group setting
  • Maximum 6 women
  • Recorded Zoom calls
  • Homework
  • BONUS: Individual Soul reads for every Woman!
  • Price: €1,111