Beautiful Superwomen

Anastassia Taylor,
Anastassia Taylor, Marketing specialist & artist
Working with Oksana is truly out of this world experience. She is an amazing gifted coach, who helped me to get in touch with my true deepest self and the Divine and realign with the frequencies of abundance. Oksana has a profound gift and what she does is changing lives. I had worked with multiple psychotherapists before and just when I thought my healing was at a good shape, Oksana was able to help me tap into the deepest layers of my subconscious and dig out the unhealed traumas I was not aware of. At a time I was painting a recurring theme with children and struggled to interpret the symbolism and my desire for this on canvas. It is when I had several intuitive coaching sessions with Oksana, she helped me to decode this and helped me to reconnect with my long forgotten inner child. We have also worked on the vicious cycle of my fear of success, my compromised feeling of safety, my fear of loneliness, me being a huge giver and people pleaser which hindered my self love and the quality of giving into this world. With Oksana’s guidance, I too let go of my old attachments. I had some vivid experiences, I felt the energy in and around me so strongly and also I felt a profound sense of liberation at and after every session. I am truly grateful that my life circumstances have brought me to Oksana and I will continue to work with her all the time.
Elizabeth Kamke,
Elizabeth Kamke, Holistic Transformation Specialist
Oksana is AMAZING! She truly has a gift and heart to change this world! I cannot believe that just in a 15-20 minute conversation she revealed to me something that has been haunting me for almost 8 years and I didn’t even Realize that it was ‘haunting’ me!! I am completely blown away and SO incredibly thankful and grateful for her and the amazing skills that she has! She allowed me to see how my mind linked a traumatic experience that happened 7.5 years ago to a belief about my husband! Word cannot express how deeply thankful and grateful I am to you Oksana for giving me back a piece of myself and also my marriage! The world could use a million more of you! Forever thankful and grateful for you Oksana! I am so excited to see where your gifts take you in this life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Truly!
Roswitha Herman,
Roswitha Herman, Manifesting Business Coach
Everyone needs at least one session with Oksana. She is an incredible medium, she can connect to the divine and access past trauma and tell you where it's stored. I got clarity on a big limiting belief that I couldn't"cure" with mindset work...and in one session, I found out it came from my mom and because of all my previous mindset/energy work on myself...I was able to let go of that big block on the spot. If you're already very successful and knowledgeable in working on your mindset, manifesting, energy session with Oksana will be the cherry on your cake.
Kimberly Adelle Tefilek
Kimberly Adelle Tefilek Fitness Coach & Real Estate Agent
Oksana really cuts through the layers of your subconscious to not only find the root of your trauma, but also guides you in uprooting it and nurturing the space for you to plant new seeds. I’ve always been fascinated by energetic healing so I’ve explored with psychics, tarot readings, reiki and healing ceremonies, such as cacao and Temezcal, but I’ve never had an intuitive guided healing session. I went into the session not knowing what to heal and remained open for whatever came up. We went on a journey together discovering what trauma was lingering that I needed to release. She was spot on with everything that I was going through and have been through, connecting the dots from my past and my future. As we peeled back the layers, she showed me where I still needed to heal, which for me was triggered by the phrase “why won’t anyone love me?” I immediately started crying and from there she guided me through a deep healing session. I could feel the sensations in my body where she noticed where I was blocked and holding on to the trauma, such as my body clenching, compressing and tingling, as well as knots in my chest and lower abdomen. I cried a lot and it felt hard to breathe, which coincided with her seeing an image earlier in the session that when I cry I hold on tight and don’t allow myself to truly breathe and release the pain. It was pretty intense physically, but not painful. I felt very safe and comfortable even in the discomfort of feeling my body releasing. She talked me through it and helped guide me in what to say and think throughout the process. Her guidance was very comforting and allowed me to embrace the sensations. She is very talented and cuts to the core of what needs to be addressed while creating a safe space to help you do so. It’s more effective than all of the sessions I’ve done combined and she saw more in 1 hour than I was able to uncover in years. I left the session feeling lighter, more aware and clearly understanding the root cause, as well as what tools to use if anything resurfaces. I feel at peace with my past and the process of healing past pain feels easier. I encourage everyone to open their heart and mind and try an intuitive healing session with Oksana. It was a beautiful eye opening experience!
Kristina Kovacic,
Kristina Kovacic, Elementary School Teacher
Working with you Oksana Tsimpoaka is life changing!!!! Your gift is amazing... You can literary see someone's soul 😭 I thank the Universe for this connection
Marju Lensment,
Marju Lensment, Mom of 3
There are a LOT of amazing moms out there… but no one like Marju! Here you have a true Queen! She is a Mom of 3 wonderful young children… She works part time in a day-job to provide her family…. She is also a loving woman to her man…and the CEO of her family… She is putting herself first and therefore transformed her relationship from almost break-up to a harmonic relationship. She has so many great gifts… And how did she go from wanting a better relationship to actually having a transformed one in 90 days? #1. Stepped into my Superwoman Method #2. She revealed a desire she didn’t even know was possible for their relationship #3. I showed her WHY her relationship was in a bad place and HOW love can actually work for her - even in a longterm relationship and therefore being REFLECTED in more intimacy. (Superwoman Method ) #4. She HEALED her past trauma and transformed into the most powerful woman I know… #5. Aaaaand her partner likes that very much and makes time for HIS queen now! The cool part is: >> She didn’t seek longterm and expensive couple therapy. >> She didn’t leave the partner. >>She didn’t disregard her feelings and needs. This is what happens when you anchor into the Superwoman Method >>Unleashing the Superwoman you really are >> and become irresistible for loved one I help you see HOW Love is ALWAYS available to you and spice up your Love Life - even in longterm relationships… once you implement my Superwoman Method Steps I love creating „happily ever afters“ Congrats to you, Oksana