3 Day Online Workshop

Get clear on what you want and be ready to receive it!

When you do not know what do you want from this life. When you feel lost and just confused. Looking at others who found their purpose. Who are happy and fulfilled. And thinking why the hell do I feel so lost….

Just know that there is nothing wrong with you.

You are just clogged up with emotions that needs to be healed, released and processed. You are just living the life not being aligned with yourself. Your soul is probably not connected with you human self. You body, mind and soul are speaking different languages. You cannot see clearly because your inner world is in a slightly messy place.

I have experienced it for far too many years. And I know how it feels to live a life that is not giving me the freedom I want…The excitement to be alive and wake up looking forward to what the day will bring. The love towards yourself and the others around you.

It is daunting...It is tiring...It feels heavy…

I am hosting a 3-day workshop on this topic, expanding on this context, giving the tools that will aid you in your journey and real examples of my own.





  • Each session lasts around 1 - 1.5 hours
  • After each session we will have time for Q&A
  • Magical offer at the end of the workshop!
  • Mark your calendar, if any questions, just email me:
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I decided to gift this workshop by not charging for it, however if you feel called to pay for this workshop based on the value you received, I will receive it with an open heart to following bank account.

Name: Holistic Coaches OÜ

Account nr:EE797700771005332772

What do others say about the workshop?

Tiina Park,
Tiina Park, PA
Straight from the start of first session I felt so emotional and overwhelmed, my camera was not on because I cried a lot, so many emotions came out, that I probably have just packed away, realizing that that my wants have changed and I had not thought about that in a long time. I am not very good in living out my emotions, so this is something I have to start working on. Oksana you are doing a good job and this will help many people, I am so proud of you, your energy and emotions carry through so well on the sessions. Thank you so much.
Grete Põlluste,
Grete Põlluste, Reporter
Yes, it met my expectations. I got even more than what I expected since I assumed I'd just get some ideas about how to set my life on a certain path but I also discovered some painful things about myself that need to be worked through. What did I learn? A lot. But mainly - what's wrong with my current mentality. I feel today as if I'm more conscious about my patterns and I understand the need to deal further and deeper with certain problems in my life. The whole experience was very, very, VERY nice. I'm so thankful for everything. I actually used some aspects from lesson no 2 to advise my friend. Thank you, Oksana. This opportunity was a very kind thing to offer around like that. I hope I'll get to work together with you in future as well. I wish all the strength, understanding, excitement, and other good stuff for you. May your future business empire bloom as well as you and your life <3
Kadri Pikkmets,
Kadri Pikkmets, Mother
I learned to see my value. Through the workshop I felt myself being guided, valued and held. The whole atmosphere was very warm and authentic Oksana is so exciting to listen to and to watch; she conveys such a powerful life energy that is so enriching and powerful! I am extremely grateful for this experience and if you wish to change something in your life, Oksana will be a wonderful guide while at the same time being a warmhearted anchor to support on.
Sirly Ülem,
Sirly Ülem, Architect
What I learned is that everybody has same problems but people don't talk about them if you don't speak up. I also gained an easier tapping technique. The whole experience was beautiful and useful. It was very easy to join via links that Oksana sent us just before the sessions as a reminder 🙂 Thank you very much!
Triinu Rimmel,
Triinu Rimmel, Mother
As I was watching the workshop while being with my kids, unfortunately I could not go deeper...The bigger shift will happen once I do the homework. I have a good feeling about it. Oksana is very inspirational and positive, it gives me such a nice energy.
Mari Orusalu
Mari Orusalu
I did not have any assumptions, prejudices or assessments before attending Oksana’s workshop. I felt that Oksana has gone through a great transformation herself and that she has the wisdom and experiences to share with others. I enjoyed her energy before I even came to her workshop. She was like an angel who came to speak with me, made me think and cry. Oksana ignites, creates aha moments, directs you to find new perspectives and ignites with her life energy. My greatest treasures that I take from Oksana's workshop are: be grateful for the life you already created, because it cannot change until you feel satisfied in the present moment; You are worthy of everything, noone and nothing can take it away; visualize your dreams and feel them with your emotions; enjoy the process while keeping a bigger goal in mind, don't get bogged down with methods. I am deeply grateful!
Gerly Toomeoja
Gerly Toomeoja
Oksana held such a loving space for us during this workshop! I loved her energy and her cut through ways of making her points made clear to us (both through the live calls and through the workbooks). She has a fun-loving and straight-forward energetic way how she represents her and the knowledge she provided is something that's helpful to everyone, no matter where you are on your journey! Manifesting our desires is something we all wish to be good at! Oksana's big smile and open heart makes her a very relatable and inspiring coach! Thank you!