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Holistic coaching

As a holistic coach I guide you to live a purposeful and harmonious life across all the important areas of your life. Harmony is not a separate feeling, it is an end result of the following:

  • Knowing who you are at your core level;
  • Ability to analyze your thinking and behavioral patterns,
  • Living from your heart and in the frequency of love,
  • Knowing your values, living by them and making choices based on your values,
  • Knowing your purpose, your goals and aims,
  • Constant growth,
  • Listening and leaning into your intuition.


As a holistic coach I view the client as whole. My coaching includes all three levels - the body, mind and spirit. That is why it is called holistic. I believe that the only lasting change can happen when all three levels are functioning in unison across all the important areas of your life (family, career, financials, health etc).

These three levels are very much integrated with each other and they also affect each other. Keeping balance in all levels is the key to a harmonious lifestyle.

The mind is all about your thoughts, the belief systems, your habits, internal talk and behavioural patterns. The spiritual level is all about your emotions and how are you connected with yourself emotionally. Body, well, is everything that body needs in order to function well - healthy food, movement, vitamins, hormonal balance etc.

How are they interconnected? I will give an example. 

When a person gets stressed which usually starts from the mind level with the thoughts and beliefs, the vibration dips and that affects:

  • The body - being longer in low vibrational state creates diseases, sicknesses and depression
  • Some start emotional binging or just the opposite - starving themselves - this is the spiritual level where we are not dealing with emotions and the unmet needs. We lose contact with ourselves. Instead, we are either numbing emotions with food or punishing ourselves by restricting the food
  • Soon after you realize that your negative self talk just increases: self punishment, self criticism, “I am not enough” mentality, your self esteem drops and you start to get that really heavy feeling in your mind and body - this is the mind level


One day,  you wake up and realize: What happened?! At this moment, you can think that the problem is in your eating habits so you quickly start a diet. But actually, 99% of the time you need to look what is behind your eating - It requires changing your lifestyle. It is vital at this point to work on all three levels and all the areas of life affected - career, health, family etc. 

Your aim is to get in contact with yourself to live a stress free and harmonious life.

If I tell you: “Eat less, why are you binging?! Ah, just be positive, stop thinking your negative thoughts…” I really doubt you would stop doing that...right?

That is why we need to look deeper and in my sessions we dig deep to get to the root of the problem where it all started. The problem or the symptom (such as binge eating, starving depression, bad habits, negative self talk) has a root and we need to find it and heal it on all three levels that I talked about.

You are Whole and you came to this world as whole. To maintain that, we need to constantly work on ourselves. We change, we grow, we develop and that needs constant upgrading of the system, the very same three levels.

Since the basis of change is love, I will coach you in a loving and non-judgmental manner operating from my higher-self. I guarantee to be fully present during each session, making a shift happen from the logical mind and the heart. This is why my coaching is so effective.

I don't believe in years' of therapy. I believe in effectiveness. My desire is to initiate that wisdom and tools within you that is already there, so that you could self-coach yourself every time you need to.

In a nutshell, my coaching sessions are for everyone who

  • Wish to live their life consciously and in harmony
  • Want to live a better life but the new habits do not stick
  • Are not living the life they truly desire
  • Want to raise self-esteem but either losing it or not feeling it
  • Starting diets, healthy lifestyle all over again and again but finding yourself from the same spot as before
  • Having hard times expressing emotions and what you truly feel
  • Wanting to know how to solve your problems yourself so that they do not come back

In my coaching sessions I use different methods: Authenticity and love based coaching, NLP techniques, Reiki energy healing and meditation. Read about my Reiki sessions here.

Coaching sessions are held via Google meet or face to face in Tallinn, Estonia.


Individual coaching session

Length: Up to 1 hour and 15 mins
Cost: 60 euros

NB! First time client gets 5 euros off from both options (online and face to face)


Book a free 20 minute session with me by klicking here or book a service here.

Deb Mraz,
Deb Mraz, Nurse
Oksana is incredibly caring, positive, and a great listener. She easily created a safe environment so I felt comfortable opening up to her. Not only has she been an amazing coach, but also a caring mentor. The strategies and action steps she provided inspired and motivated me to overcome issues that were holding me back from living my best life. Oksana is truly one-of-a-kind, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for an intuitive, sincere, and deeply passionate coach.