Module 1: The Empaths Blueprint - The Empath Archetypes 

Understand your empath type ( there are different ones!) so that you can fully develop your clairsenses, and to understand yourself at a deeper level

This knowledge will be your superpower.
You will walk away empowered to manage your clairsenses, so that you can use them to improve all areas of life, including health, wellbeing, and relationships.

Knowledge is power! Do not reject the pieces of you, you don’t understand or scare you! Learn about them, manage them and embrace them so that you can live the life you are meant to live at the highest level.

Time: 43 minutes

Price: $47

(Delivered by Tina A.Hull)

Module 2: The Secret Art of Protection

Protect your energy so you can enjoy and feel energized in crowds, shopping, or being with friends without feeling drained, without getting overwhelmed or without feeling so anxious you have to go home.

You'll have a toolkit of 20 ways to release negative energies that may be creating sickness and pain in your body.

Experience The Infinitely You Method that you can use when you are feeling a heightened state of stress, and need to heal and release what no longer serves you, any old stories, thoughts, feelings and beliefs that have kept you stuck or held you back.

This toolkit is life changing, and you'll be able to use these skills for life. (Value $300)

Time:  1h 27 minutes

Price: $47

Delivered by Tina A.Hull

Module 3: Activate Your Spiritual Gifts and The Wise Woman in You!

In this channeled healing meditation, you will heal buried trauma so that you can fully activate your spiritual gifts, reconnect and trust your intuition. You will walk away embodied in your higher self wisdom. You will have activated your Wise Women archetype, heighten your current Clair senses and activate new ones.

You will know exactly how to use your spiritual gifts for yourself, your family and your work.

You will experience feeling lighter, empowered, and activated in your energetic frequency, as you embody your energetic upgrade.

Time: 30 minutes
Price: $47

Delivered by Oksana Tsimpoaka

Moduel 4: Creating With Your Intuition

Learn advanced techniques to unblock your intuition, so that you become a crystal clear channel, resulting in increased trust and confidence to lead an intuitive life.

You will walk away confident to use your intuition as guidance in everyday life making your life more aligned, purposeful, effortless, and soul-filling.

Time: 1 h 40 minutes (Including meditation)

Price: $47

Delivered by Oksana Tsimpoaka

The Awakening of Your Intuitive Self-SPECIAL Full Program

The Awakening of Your Intuitive Self reveals how to learn, manage and embrace being an Empath, HSP, and intuitive.

You will be using the tools we share with you to protect your energy, release other’s negative energy you have stored into your body and restore your high energy frequency allowing you to attract more goodness into your life.

You will also be able to tap into one of the greatest gifts we have, your intuition to help you connect to your higher self allowing you to stop doubting, worrying and not knowing your next steps in your business and life. This will leave you feeling free and at peace, certain and in a trusting state that your inspired actions will be your next steps around any resistance you hold.

Imagine a life where you no longer think that being an empath is a curse but that its a gift. Imagine a life where you tap into your intuition and you get a nudge and follow it with action and that action leads to something else and with time you are in flow and ease and having fun with no doubt, fear and uncertainty. Would this be something that you want?

We have broken this journey into 4 videos. You can buy each one individually as you work through them at $47 each. You can buy only the ones that suits you. Or you can buy the complete program for $147 ($41 savings.)

Thank you for allowing Oksana and Tina to help you are your path of self-discovery!