About me


She is an incredible Medium healer and Intuitive coach, a mom  to an amazing 3-year old son, Armin and happily married without the paper!

Her own strong comparison with her twin sister has left her never feeling special or unique and she has turned that into a mission to not only find her own superpowers and who she truly is but also to do it for all the other amazing women.

Most of her teenage years up until 31 years of age she spent in on and off depression. Now knowing and understanding exactly what was happening and why she was so depressed. Even though she has always been highly ambitious and valued success and thrived in her career, she felt lost and disconnected on the inside.

Her past romantic relationships never lasted for more than 2-3 years and they were either abusive or she lost herself in them through being a people pleaser and the overgiver.

It had to stop.

In 2017 June, she met her now partner and 2 months later they were pregnant. After Armin was born, she was depressed again and her old patterns kicked in - the whole attention was on the chores, taking care of the baby and the husband till she started to become really resentful. Her relationships were falling apart.

It was the best moment of her life to turn it around. Her intuition led her to a coaching certificate that also included a deep transformation and since then she knew - she will follow her calling and her gifts. Soon after, she not only started her Soul- led biz, but also her spiritual gifts opened up to her. And she broke her curse of not being able to have the relationship AND the success at AT THE SAME TIME.

By changing herself, she turned her karmic relationship around into a blossoming supportive unison. The stronger she stands in her own Superwoman shoes, the more profitable her business becomes and the more fulfilling are her relationships.

She loves happily ever afters and cherishes ambitious women like her.

She has created her Superwoman Method that is now helping many Moms, ambitious Business Owners and Career women to do the same - Standing strong in their Superwoman shoes and have it all WITHOUT sacrificing yourself or burning out.

Every session is channeled and unique. I combine all of my skills across mindset work, energy healing and emotional work followed by the actionable steps to create a profound shift and a lasting change. I pride in my mediumship skills which results in my ability to read people's souls, their potential and what is holding them back within minutes of my time.

My mission is to empower Women to connect with their Soul and Intuition so they can receive the guidance and answers to their questions from within.
We all have the power to heal by ourselves and I help you to tap into that power!

Oksana's Accreditations:

  • 2021 A variety of courses on Psychic Mediumship and Trance Healing
  • 2021 Reiki Level II (Distance Attunement by Lisa Powers)
  • 2020 Love and Authenticity Certificate - Coaching, Authentic Living with Mandy Morris (Online)
  • 2019 Authentic Creation, Authentic Living with Mandy Morris (Online)
  • 2018 EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) ABC Training (Estonia)
  • 2017 NLP Practitioner, NLP Institute in Estonia
  • 2017 Reiki Level I (Estonia)
  • 2016 AoEC Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching, EBS (Estonia)
  • 2010 Event Management Diploma, Fitzwilliam Institute (Ireland)
  • 2013 (Ba) in Hospitality Management, Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland)