Individual Soul session

Discover your unique gifts and purpose!


Intimate women Live Group Healing & Coaching Program!

Starting 15th September!


My sacred space for my women on exclusive level!

The Superwoman Method

Every woman has her own unique gifts that our Soul carries. Oksana's #Superwoman Method is about unlocking the genius and embodying it fully to either attract or elevate the current relationships, discover a soul-aligned business and live from your heart. The magic happens when you step into your Superwoman Shoes!

Hi I’m Oksana!

I am a Medium healer & Intuitive coach, bringing Women through a deep and fast transformation on all four levels- body, spirit, mind and emotions. Every Woman carries unique gifts but she might not be aware of them. My passion lies in empowering women to discover those gifts and embody them fully so they can either attract the love of their life or thrive in an existing relationship WHILE also being a career-woman. We do not have to give up one or the other, we absolutely are allowed to master all of it. I am a caring Mom to our 3-year old, happily married without the paper and running my successful Soul-led Biz. One of my geniuses is the ability to perform Soul reads and see each and every human being's potential as well as their blocks within a few minutes.