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The Path of Spiritual Awakening

Group program

Starting 30th March!



Embodied Empaths Program
Starting 30th April!

Healer and Transformational Coach

My mission is to help people to heal and thus remember who they are - being healthy, healed and in all their power and authenticity. I desire to build a community allowing everyone to share their Soul’s expression and their gifts with the world.  It is my pleasure to guide people towards their spiritual gifts and their purpose, activating their chakras and opening them up for MORE.

"Hi I’m Oksana!

In every Soul's expression, there is Uniqueness and Joy. Life is a Dance between the Human and the Soul.

I love to think that my name has a deep meaning “Praise to God”. I believe in God and I believe in miracles. The extraordinary life is the one I want to lead.

🌿I am a Natural Shaman, Embodied Empaths Mentor and Psychic Gifts Doula.
I care about the connection between the Body-Mind and Soul.
My biggest gift to me is my mischievous son Armin.
My biggest gift to the World is my purity in my Heart.